martedì 12 marzo 2013


In the next few days, new Pope's name will be the core business of every journalist in the world. Joseph Ratziger's resignation was shocking but not unexpected, or so they say, and these moments will decide the future of Sancta Romana Ecclesia.  
We have to remember that the Vatican City is an elective monarchy, like the ancient Holy Roman Empire.
Nobody understands the importance of the election of a Pope better than an Italian citizen. Given the medieval approach of our Parliament to primary, unsolved civil instances, along with the continous interferences in Italian affairs by Roman Church, I am quite sure that the identity of Christ's vicar on Earth can determine the address of fundamental Italian policies on euthanasia, abortion and some branches of scientific research, not to mention taxes and welfare reforms.
We all know what Catholic Church desperately needs: an innovator. He will be in charge of great commitments: bringing people back to churches, reaffirming universal, essential values that belong to entire humanity, no matter what religion people follow, and destroying the seed of obscurantism in his own institution. The lack of honesty within pedophilia issues, financial and economic scaldals and the distances between Roman prelates and common people are just some fields in which he must play from the very first moment of his office. 
I know my opinion is irrelevant, but I support the election of Sean Patrick O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston. He faced the pedophilia aftermath in his diocese but, most of all, he's a Franciscan. And God knows how we need another imitator Christi in these cruel, merciless times.

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  1. We need young enthusiast people like you to dispel the cynical thoughts that cloud the minds of those like me who believe that there is no hope for the current Church, devoted to turn profits more than to save lives.

  2. You forgot we need more women in Vatican's hierarchy, my dear, but I agree 100% on the rest of the line.

    PS isn't the Vatican more of a Theocracy?

    1. Actually it's both it's an absolute elective theocratic monarchy.


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