martedì 26 febbraio 2013


It's no mystery: I voted for Matteo Renzi at the Democratic Party Primary Elections. Twice. 
I didn't share his program 100%, but I think he was the opportunity of change for the party I support since I can vote. 
I didn't think - and I still don't- of Pierluigi Bersani as a leader. I respect him, he's a good person and he was an appreciable minister, but he's not as charismatic as it takes during an electoral campaign. 
What would President Sandro Pertini say if he was here to hear the expression "Let's make the jaguar unspotted"? 
What about Enrico Berlinguer? He's still the lefties' greatest charismatic leader ever, and sincerely I can't say if he would smile or if he would have another stroke because of the rage for this stupid slogan. 
You can't use the words of a small village priest if you want to lead a country like Italy. You can't stop campaigning the day after the end of the Primary elections you won. You can't dodge new ideas and let them fall apart because "ours are better". 
Which ideas, Secretary? Please, try to get out of the boundaries of the party, walk the streets we walk everyday and you'll notice that voters never heard them, because you have never even mentioned them. "We have the solutions". Oh, really? 
I want to thank you and Nichi for this unexpected débâcle (we did not win, I hope you know it and I'd really like you to admit it), and not just because Berlusconi is back. My foreign friends will keep mocking on me or looking at me with sympathetic eyes, but I got used to it. 
I want to thank you because you destroyed every hope I had for Italy, eventually. 
I have no more hopes and will to change it. Keep it for yourselves and for that little man who means nothing and decides everything, the one you don't want to die because you'd be lost without him. I'm not going to vote for the Democratic Party until you'll leave and I'll do everything I can, more than I did 'till now, to leave Italy. 
If I can't change my country's life, I want to change mine, and I'm going to. 

(Today I'm just a disappointed voter. The political analyst is on her way and will be here in a few days, when she'll figure out where this strange country is going.)

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  1. Very well written. I, and many with me, would be sad to see you go but you must also do your best to live a happy life.


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