sabato 8 dicembre 2012

LA TERRA DEI CACHI (more than ever)

I didn't write anything about the PD primary elections because everyone else did and, most of all, I knew I wouldn't have been objective as I always try to be. 
I thought Matteo Renzi was the best choice for Italy because he had a program and, surprise, surprise, you could read it. You were able to try to figure out what he would have done because it was all there, in black and white. 
I didn't agree with everything he said. Sometimes he was too imaginative and he often sounded too liberal for my tastes. At the same time, the other candidates weren't that effective explaining their idea of future Italy. They had wooly programs and someway they are part of the same establishment Italians claim they want to get rid of. 
Nevertheless, Renzi didn't win. This is democracy. 
The sixty-one year old leader of the Democratic Party in Italy, Pierluigi Bersani, is not as charismatic as his younger competitor, but he was considered more solid and reliable by PD voters. 
Will he be strong enough to face the new berlusconian waging against the rest of the Italian political scenario? Silvio Berlusconi is going to perform his best fight ever. He's going to give anything to lead Italy once again: tv, newspapers, every useful part of his economical empire is going to be dedicated to his cause.
We'll see. 
Meanwhile, Angelino Alfano is going to explain President Napolitano why Mario Monti failed and why he should leave. 
This is going to be a funny weekend. 
Get ready and stay tuned. 

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